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One of my friends nick-named me "Streak-Freak".  Having a running streak is more than a bit obsessive and eccentric - your friends will think you're nuts.  My girlfriend tells me "You know, Laura, there's therapy for this."  I tell her running IS my therapy.  Her words echo through my head on those -20 windchill nights when my eyes keep freezing shut (I run in the dark so there aren't any witnesses)


I started my streak on a lark wondering how long I'd last and after six months it owned me.  An official running streak is at least 1 mile every day and my minimum 1.0 keeps me safely on my street.  I run when it snows, I run when I'm sick.  Since my last streak ended with an injury I focus on staying healthy & listening to my body - rein it in or cut it short if something is bothering me.  I've never come home from a run thinking "I'm sorry I ran today."


I look forward to my daily run - a break from all other demands - work, phones, housework, kids.  If you consider your daily run as "play time" rather than a "work" out, you'll look forward to it.  It's a nice mental break - sometimes I do my best thinking, other times I think about nothing, and sometimes I have Bon Jovi stuck in my head for 20 miles. 


You have to schedule your daily run into your day like an appointment - if you leave it to chance, time has a way of slipping away and I always before I travel.  Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish - no one is going to tell you to go out and take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy.


The hardest part of running is getting out the door.  Having a streak gets you out on days when you would otherwise curl up with a warm, fuzzy blanket.  It helps to have a supportive family - a few times I thought about ending this insanity but my husband and son shove me out the door saying "Come on, you can do this - you know you'll regret quitting tomorrow."


A streak requires pre-planning and some creativity.  I usually plan a day ahead - morning, noon, or night based on schedule and weather.  If your day is going to get crunched or you have to travel, it's best to run in the morning so nothing can interfere.  Some of my most memorable runs have been at midnight (there are still people up and partying at this hour) and 4:30 a.m.  You're on your own on this one - no one is going to get out of their warm bed to answer the door to rescue a runner in trouble so plan accordingly and run defensively but keep in mind most normal humans are snuggled in their beds - you only have to worry about wild animals or getting injured. 


I always said my streak would end the day I couldn't run.  My 1st streak started 3/25/99 and ended 1/08/12 @ 4,672 days with a stress fracture in my foot.  I was a bit relieved & vowed I'd never streak again but running every day is part of my normal daily routine so I started a new one 03/26/15.


My current running streak lives @









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